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Lacking Formality.


After the recent April Fool’s day pranks, hosted by various prestigious companies, I have come to the conclusion that social media and the internet have played a crucial role in the increased informality that has swept across the nation – and I love it! It’s all down to our generation and our predecessors, changing the world in our wake, allowing companies to tweet customers apologies and worldwide witticisms like:


Their reply is probably one of the most convention shattering incidences to happen on the internet. When before have companies been allowed to publicly speak to their customers in such an informal and colloquial manner? – great banter.

That fact that people are using their positions of power (newspapers) to have a laugh with or at the general public is genius – there is a growing expectation that this will only increase. You only have to look at the Google, Facebook, Youtube and Pixar offices to know that the world is changing into a comfortable, young, purely internet-orientated place – aren’t we lucky.


You can’t tell me that you don’t think working here would be like the best thing ever! – Right? I bet they’re all sipping cocktails, tail-gating tequilas and smoking Cubans in the Head quarters like – who should we commemorate today?

The worlds a changing place, becoming more electronic everyday, but with that is coming a break in the tradition of 9 till 5 offices, wearing the same charcoal suit everyday, staring at grey and daringly dull walls – I guess we owe them a thank-you?

Not every job is like this obviously, but the day you get offered a job at Google, Facebook, Pixar, Youtube, Twitter or any other social media website you damn sure better take it – I mean look at those chairs! According to sources: Pixar, instead of offices, have their own cottages in which they work – one is themed around pink unicorns. Yep, I said it. Pink. Unicorns.

This change is wonderful, and can only continue to grow (unless Fallout 3 isn’t a game but, in fact, a true prediction of the future) and eventually, when enough advances in social media and the internet are introduced, formal will be the new informal. A world where people in suits walk around being all formal with all the informals in positions of power like stop being so formal, freaks! – what a strange world to imagine.


Yes, Goat simulator exists!



On the horizon is a semi-functioning simulator to let the user control a goat. The trailer which can be found on Youtube, features a bog-eyed, white-coated menace who has indirectly set a passer-by ablaze – It looks great. 

Although the developers have stated “Goat Simulator is a small, broken and stupid game. I t was made in a couple of weeks so don’t expect a game in the size and scope of GTA with goats.” I am very very excited – lets face it if we can spend endless hours trying to complete a game as backwards, time consuming and pointless as minesweeper, we can do anything!

Here are some of the in-game snap shots taken by developers:


In respect for the game it was made in a couple of weeks and the developers have said that they are more than content with the bugs that are featured in the game – its an intention lark! A copious world ensnared with goat crime, good laughs and frankly moronic people. Image


Look at that goats mangles head, half in and out of that wooden cabinet – that is the goat I one day want to be!
Presuming the aim of the game is to cause the most damage or confusion within its weird, bright and wonderfully artistic goatie world – it couldn’t look more fun!



Excuse me? – FIREWORKS, look how freaking high that goat is! – a photo that would best describe my facial expression is that one of Fry holding a wad of cash shouting “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!” – ah, the internet. 

ImageIt can be seen clearly what the developers mean that the game is by no definition perfect, but that is the beauty of it surely. Who wants to play as a cleanly trimmed goat, frivolously trotting through life, eating grass and having a perpetual attitude for politeness and helpfulness, teaching younger goats how to play fair and count or crossing the road at a zebra crossing (that must be so confusing for a goat), or chewing with its mouth closed. – I think we can all agree that would suck. Image

Whilst playing it is possible to pull men/women onto an over spinning treadmill which propels their bodies into a car causing a rather dramatic explosion – generally following the same laws of physics as our lives. This goat can fly, glide and technically fall from wondrous heights – allowing users to spot the tremendous graphics that shape the goats world!

What is even going on in this photo – will it stop being hilarious? It almost looks as though the person on the right has felt empathetic for the goat and in order for it to not feel out of place has put himself in a similar position – what an inspirational virtual man – like the Gandhi of goat simulator!

These screenshots of the game may not persuade you to part with your pennies but for a price of only $9.99 you can live your life as a goat, as developers say, for at least an hour – what better way to spend ten glorious goat pounds!

The worst thing is, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a goat, but now we know. (repeated with a lower register accentuating the seriousness of the situation) now we know!