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The sun breathed air



Its mood reflects a sunny irreverence,
Crash and burn in a 60 mph zone.
It’s throne betrothed, and a moon to behold,
Excel to find and unfold what ancient skies behold.

A shape unknown,
What we’ve outgrown.
Trees breathe, smoggy air
A cold, still cold atmosphere.
No sooner we arrive, from what we leave,
The second we touch down, an ultimate indefinite crown. 

I’ll come back. I’ll come back again.

Climb higher into the fog,
Where officers warn and travelers clog
A desperate smile a handshake outworn, torn between,
extremities and undertake the moon that cries

Whisper whisper, a sound unspoken, 
Two touches, red black heights,
The fight of your life. 
A country with no voice. 
Unlucky and unwilling to be told,
Your too far gone and insignificant to hold.

Touch my arm, how does it feel.
Soft warm and uncomfortable,
All that particular spiel.

Black white and freckles outspoken, 
Sun glassed eyes, with little to no cartilage.
The incline of the mountain, the convoy leads Broken.

With snow unbound to reach the very top,
Stop, flop and drop a pass to be seated,
Upon mental and chair, suspended reaching, branching for a touch or a tap of a bush overhanging. 
Remain seated, arms at the waist, time to get off no time to waste.

Strap, secure and adjust. 

The wind echoes either side, the sun reflecting angelically sparkling like sprinkles upon a cake.
Guess the ending, whilst chaos and blame ensue.




Protruding my knowledge, a scene of deprivation
when necessity met greed, they both turned askew.
A young life given the slightest attention,
no longer a child, my relationship with you; I outgrew.

A seat sat reserved, alas there was no one to fill it,
come to my year six production, I thought would be the key
but forgone your last chance, you’ll have no receipt
I was only hoping your attention was directed at me.

Encountering those moment, where time stands still;
scrolling your phone to illuminate what lies and cheats
Your condescending embrace, to soften your ever harsher tone
This facade carelessly dumped upon strangers; the cycle repeats

Age and responsibility, only encouraged belittling care
my pubescent endeavors conflict, yet you never saw a thing
because you’ve done so well to be chastised by your bad will,
why should I be punished for my own upbringing?

I see my sibling who disregard any affection,
I see friends who won’t, don’t and can’t understand.
That there is no greater feeling,
than someone holding your hand.