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Being sober in a club.


Apres Avant-5.6.10 - 125We all know the drill with nightclubs right – drink, dance, smoke – increasingly frequent toilet brakes – then repeat in various different combinations – strangely the dancing usually consumes more of your time the more drunk you become. The experience, however, is entirely different when your not overspending on tequilas or dancing with single ladies your convinced want a piece – it is like a minefield, of crazed hormone-erratic  maniacs trying to seduce their woes into a numb salvageable pain.

The over-squirted scent of bubblegum and candyfloss cascade whilst bass-pumping and ground thumping speakers try their hardest to do the minimum amount of damage to your eardrums – and without the warm arms of alcohol to insulate your body standing in the cold is like taking a dip in an ice pool!

The weirdest thing is you start to try and justify what you’re doing, and why your trying to dance in that way, or pretend to smile at music you have no interest for, maybe trying to amuse yourself with two measly bitter-sweet drinks knowing that you can’t have anymore because you’ve got to drive home – either way, its like the worst experience in the world.

Even just trying to hold a drink among the screaming intoxicated rabble desperately trying impress their mates with a seemingly endless line of over-priced drinks is a mission. Just for the record the things that you think on a night out will be a great idea like people pretending to scream in selfies, or scantily clad women clambering tank-topped giants, with the elder gentlemen trying to fit in, gawking at what they’d wished they’d done in their youth – when your sober look damn right embarrassing, for all parties involved!

The  only solace that can be taken from an experience like this is that you realize you’re exactly the same on a night out – they are you, stumbling, fumbling and making an absolute fool out of themselves – a horrible realization – which has led me to the realization that clubs without alcohol would literally be the worst thing ever – like a year seven disco, replacing alcohol with sweets and fizzy drink!

Rule of thumb – if you’re going to a club sober, you’re going to have a bad time.

Bénicassim – The Only Place You’d Ever Want To Be




Last year, I lost my international festival virginity. After having only attended V Festival, I and my other two companions were anxious to see what the festival had installed. With only four months until the glorious, sun-drenched festival begins again the anticipation has already resurfaced – only this time, we know exactly what to expect!

The Festival runs, opposite to most British festivals, as almost all the music occurs during the evening and night hours of the day – giving the crowd a much nicer vibe and easing the heat situation – if only for a while. For anyone who hasn’t been to an international festival – Go, you will not regret  it.
(Included are some photos of my time in Bénicassim)


One of the four headliners released so far has been Kasabian – believe me I’m going to be club-footing all over the gaff! After seeing them at V festival in 2012 I have very high hopes for them at Bénicassim. Tame Impala, Courteeners and Paolo Nutini amongst many other acts have been announced alongside the beat-banging, foot-stomping march that’s lead by the one and only Sergio Lorenzo Pizzorno! – Serge.

My first experience of being at a festival in another country was more than pleasant – I would, hand on the bible, state that it was the best week of my life, and best of all nothing went wrong: no one got hurt, our plane wasn’t delayed, nothing got stolen, broken, pumped, taken or felt – it was bliss.


The first four days, really take you through the paces – 40 degree heat, trips into town to purchase food and cheap booze, not a great deal of sleep, waking up far too early, partying all hours of the night, being submerged in alcohol, scantily clad women and more sun you can shake a stick at – and that’s just the beginning!

There are many ways to be awoken at the festival including: being trodden on by stumbling passers-by, the warm coastal breeze, suddenly realising that your miles away from your tent, a pint of Castéllon’s finest OJ or, moving onto the luxurious way, the ice cold showers. Now bare in mind that the lowest temperature at night was a cool 25 degress. So in the morning all you could ever want is an ice cold shower – I must have had at least 6 a day, all equally spread out to cool the body instantly – glorious!


The next four days, are a completely different ball-game, often not actually going into the festival arena until this night, the fifth night is probably one of the best. Everything is so new, bright and wonderful and the other friendly festival-goers are great! We had our own little triangle in the middle of all the stages which made it so easy for us to meet up if we were watching different bands – It’s what every festival needs – in the words of the Last Shadow Puppets a ‘meeting place!’


As the festival draws closer and closer to it’s final night you’ve probably already checked out the beach – which someone we had been hanging around with swore he saw Liam Fray on the sandy-shores only for Liam Fray to turn round and affirm – “Yes, its Liam Fray” – and if you didn’t read that with a mancunian accent then you should at least feel disparaged. The water park – which has the best ride ever, it is life-threatening to go on that ride – seriously, almost died – is an awesome day out, although take sunblock you do not want to end up like Sid – embroiled with blisters and a sore lobster skinned back!


After you’ve spent a week, guzzling beverages, overdosing on vitamin D, traveling to Aldi, struggling to get to sleep, sometimes not even getting to your tent, loosing various items of clothing to what can only be described as bad drunk decisions that makes you think throwing your T-shirt into the Courteeners crowd is a good idea (actually, I don’t regret a thing).

The beautiful thing about this years Bénicassim is that me and the chums know what to expect, how to handle the heat, the best time to take showers, not to use the cubicles during the day (a – there is no toilet roll (b – its like being trapped in the Sahara dessert that smells like 16th Century London) but the point is that we are prepared, for everything!


A day in the life of Bénicassim:
you’ll spend your day, smoking, drinking, thinking, laying, laughing, talking, buying, eating, walking, sun-bathing, shower-taking, oscillating, perspiring  and constantly hanging – I’ve already got my 2014 ticket, the question is when are you getting yours?

Everything You’ve Heard is A Lie – Gizmo


An original by Gizmo, directed by the wonderfully talented Kane Read, who filmed Zach, Sid and Dave through a day at the park. Watch in third person as they tumble, slip and trip their way through the video, with heavy featuring of swans you’d be quackers to miss it. Enjoy.

Review: Modern Vampires Of The City – Vampire Weekend



Vampire weekend have, since their initial rise to fame, always differentiated themselves from other genres by disregarding the arrow of direction and instead adopting a spectrum of music to conform to. After two years of silence the band, with no deadline in mind, completed their third studio album ‘Modern vampires of The City’ which once again encapsulates the light-hearted, treble-loving sound that enabled ‘Contra’ and ‘Vampire Weekend’ to reach number one in the US charts. After selling 134 Thousand copies in the first week sales, the quartet have proceeded to tour the new album.

Renown for synthesizing  soundtracks, skinny jeans, and a gorgeous floppy perm you’d love become entangled by. Front-man Ezra Koenig, most know him for soothing the crowd with his ever so gentle voice, drifting and swaying like a river whilst trickling through the audience. The attraction to the band is evident, their world sound coinciding with the underlying satisfaction of adrenaline which courses your bones during the hook; no one ever sees it coming.. then BOOM! – and you are no longer, an ‘Unbeliever’.

The record consists of 12 thought-provoking, finger-tapping beauties, as you move from track-to-track you sift between bubbles and sponge as you softly maneuver through the album, only finishing at the decision that “it’s a wonderful world out there”. ‘Diane Young’, introduced to us in February earlier this year, quickly got the attention of music lovers as the the heightened-pace puts you in the front seat of Blackpool’s Pepsi-Max twisting and turning every corner at incomprehensible speeds, unwilling to question what comes next. After some internet debate, there are few who think the song-title is a phoneme for “Dying young” but the band have not responded with either of them as right or wrong. The second track off of the album, titled ‘Unbelievers’, if that doesn’t tickle your ear canal I don’t know what will. The feeling felt when listening to the last quarter of the song can only be compared to Sigur Rós’s masterpiece ‘Hoppipolla’. Other clean cut track include: ‘Everlasting Arms’ and ‘Hannah Hunt’ which feature roundhouse riffs, snappy drumbeats, high-flying vocals and with every song more intensely engaging than the next the album is as innovating as Vampire Weekend always are and I for one am content with the direction that band has taken.

Interestingly, the album artwork is a 1966 photo of New York taken by Neal Boenzi on the smoggiest day, which killed 169 citizens of New York – just saying.

Review: Mechanical Bull – Kings Of Leon



The Followill brothers are back; after their break in 2011, new album ‘Mechanical Bull’ has beaten other artists like Jessie J and Drake to take the top spot in the UK charts after selling Seventy-One Thousand copies after just Seven days since the post-album release date. The album title once again follows the five-syllable tradition first recognized when the youngsters borrowed the structure from religious readings in their ‘Youth and Young Manhood’.

Since their production-gap in 2011, there has been plenty of internet speculation, usually die-hard fans suggesting and pleading that the “Real” Kings of Leon should come back. After their Radio hits ‘Use Somebody’ and ‘Sex on Fire’ – titles which always receive such cold reception when vocalized to those “Real” fans, who have never been quite sure whether Kings of Leon had ran out steam or were pushed by record producers.

The first track featured on the 11 piece rock monster is ‘Supersoaker’ which had, prior to the release of the album, displayed to us hopefuls that they were back in business. The rock-fast tempo takes us through a roller-coaster of high-energy emotion which is aided by Caleb’s pitch-perfect vocals to ensure the attention have been fully ascertained by the southern giants that are Kings Of Leon. Those classy riffs will take you for a drink and tickle the ear leading you onto the sentimental caricature painted by Nathan’s rumbling drums, the sweet sound of Matthew’s tasty hooks screeching throughout the audience and not to forget Jared’s bass lines which carries the bridge through to the last breathe of the crowd. Once arriving at ‘Rock City’ you quickly realize that your body has been overpowered by the raw intro riff which rips through the ear drum like a freight-train, slowly turning down the tempo to let Caleb’s pure vocals push through Matthew’s guitar-porn. After leaving ‘Rock City’ you venture into the past as ‘Don’t matter’ can only be compared to KOL classic ‘Molly’s Chambers’ where cocaine induced innovation began, the only slight difference is the drugs; which gives Kings of Leon a much cleaner sound compared to their earlier days. Similarly, they’ve kept the tastiest solo’s that are carefully churned out in such nonchalance, you’d think it was the backing-track.  The album also includes easy-listeners like ‘Beautiful War’ and ‘Temple’ which is a soft breeze which flows out the speakers like silk from a magicians sleeve holding your hand and letting you feast upon the melodic wonders of a four-piece super-band. Probably the most important song from the album ‘Wait For Me’ gives the impression that the band are finally back to where they were originally, which has given fans the fundamental confirmation that ‘It’s all better now’ – so thank you for waiting for me, it seems.

‘Mechanical bull’ has shown us once again that money and production value don’t make an album, the story and emotion is always a better influence and it feels as though they are genuinely happy with the outcome of the material and appreciate the fans reciprocation. It can easily be seen in the ‘Supersoaker’ video that all four member of the band have flourished whilst completing their sixth studio album; enjoying making the album, possibly being, their biggest achievement since ‘Aha Shake Heartbreak’.

Review: AM – Arctic Monkeys



AM, forged like the sword of ‘Gondor’ is presumably the most highly anticipated Arctic Monkeys album yet. Back in early 2006 when the citizens of Sheffield were ranting and raving about the up and coming giants to be; no one thought five albums later they would be rocking the Olympic stadium, headlining Glastonbury and be classed as one of the greatest British bands of the 21th Century.

From the raw, exuberance displayed from Sheffield finest in ‘Whatever you say I am, thats what I’m not’ to the mind-bending lyrics from the endlessly talented front-man Alex Turner; theres ‘ A Certain Romance’ to it. lest we forget stomping our feet to ‘Brianstorm’, as well as bellowing the intricate writings of ‘Secret Door’, the band have moved from strength to strength. 

The 12-track record jumped to number One in the UK, and stayed for Two weeks, adding to the long list of albums that have shown their face at the top of the hierarchy. ‘Do I Wanna Know’ has already been titled as this years festival anthem, and it is abundantly clear why. The album consists of face-melting tracks like ‘Arabella’ where the passion and emotion leading into the final heightened verse can only be compared to first-album wonders like ‘Fake Tales Of San Francisco’. Other bangers such as ‘Mad Sounds’ which infuses the same cheek and wavy, trebled tones; entrusting our ears with the potential to see the head-swaying masterpiece the way it should. – “ooh la la la”. It’s evident that there are hip/hop and old R&B influences which are heavily featured on ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When Your High?’ this bouncy beat, echoes off walls, whilst consoling your doubts about whether an album like this can stand the test of time; when the outro kicks in and grabs you like indiana’s whip you’ll shake your head from to left to right as if drifting into a trance of irreversible clarity. Following this ‘choon’ is the happy-pilled song entitled ‘Snap Out Of It’ which consists of a wonderfully upbeat backing track suitable for an early morning jog, with the cold air chilling your bones you will succumb to it’s elegent charm, you won’t want to ‘Snap Out Of It’. In true Arctic style they produce B-sides like ‘Stop The World Cause I Wanna Get Off With You’ containing strong featuring of head nodding bass lines, and lyrics that twist and oscillate through the mind of the listener, and a solo so tasty you’d need a steak knife to cut through it.

As always Arctic Monkeys provide us with another complete, musical representation of fire and clever wit which courses like heroin through the veins of each album giving them integral functionality and principle, because as we know they’ve never tried to be anything other than a couple of scallywags from Sheffield. With fans of the Arctic Monkeys spanning long and far the success of the band has never been understated except from lead singer during the first five seconds off the video ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dance floor’ where Alex proceeds to, and I quote “Don’t believe the hype”.