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The Inferno, Systematically Set Out In A Cirlce



If you’ve ran out of awkward, uncomfortable party communication then, according to social convention, it is customary to locate yourself adjacent from one another and lie cards face down in a circle with a glass betwixt the inner edge of the south and north facing cards.

This inconvenient, cult-like custom has been adopted by university and drinkers a-like, in order to fashion a state in which they can neither differentiate between their innate inhibitions or their overly-eager sexual frustration with their co-inhabitants.

Revealing each card, leaves members in fits of laughter at the quantity of which the participants have to drink; leaving the conclusion of every card a point and stare situation at someone else’s expense. sick really; isn’t it?

The pain of playing can only be compared to the likes of eating nails or scratching the surface layer of a blackboard with your nails. The only way to finish the unrelenting “game” is by unearthing the fourth King from the rest of the pack.

Please stop the obsession. Peace.