Review: Orange is the New Black




So, Its almost been a year since it’s original release date of July in 2013 and so with the new installment set to be released June the 6th 2014 it has issued untold anticipation for season two.

The concept of the show is, interestingly, more than just fiction as its based on the actual memoirs of Piper Kerman. Taylor Schilling’s portrayal displays varying themes of pressure, fear, anger, self-conflict, love and self-preservation. The shows focus on hindsight and decisions made by the inmates displays a gripping, raw and emotionally thought eliciting drama.

The shows introduction sequence has the song “You’ve got time” sung by Regina Spektor which was recorded specifically for the show, lyrically appropriate you’d agree:

“Think of all the roads; think of all their crossings. Taking steps is easy, standing still is hard.”

Continuing throughout the series are heaters like “Leagues – Walking Backwards” and “Gangsta – Tune Yards” that effortlessly build tension and release that body rock that you assure your friends is ‘Dancing’!

The array of supporting characters add depth beyond perception and provoke ethical issues through a trans-gender relationship, cheating lovers, drug-taking inmates, authority abusing guards, Psychotic post-meth addict preachers, sassy library assistants, an indignant Russian chef and a raunchy international drug-smuggler – oh, and American Pie’s finest apple pie penetrator Jason Biggs. Considering most of the characters have a Marmite personality they impose an endless debate amongst the innocent that deserve to be in prison and the guilty that don’t! – Netflix strikes again!

Prison strips everything away from you, just like ‘Red’ says: first you can’t stand those walls but then you get so you depend on them; institutionalized. Piper raises a serious point after she has been transformed into this paranoid, stranger from the girl she was pre-prison. She tips towards breaking point saying “I’m afraid this is the real me and i’m afraid that its not”. Beautifully encapsulating the conflict that the show issues!

My opinion: probably one of the best first season of a show I’ve ever seen!


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