The job interview paradigm



Recently, I went for an interview for a job to get me through university – just to earn some expendable dollar. It got me thinking how alien job interviews actually are:

For instance; It seems strange that you can base ability to work on hobbies and peoples ability to think on the spot? With questions like Can you think of a time you’ve worked in a team effectively? Almost everyday, like when an Xbox controller runs out of batteries and the four of you scourer around looking for other electrical items to steal their power source – but i’m 100% sure that doesn’t count as an example.

The fact that they evaluate how valuable you are to them, is like wearing a shop tag which has characteristics like: Long life guaranteed, not machine washable or can be used as an expensive equivalent of slave labour!

It’s strange that we just accept that this is how we get jobs now, there are other types of interviewing like group interview which actually seems almost worse than individual interviews. Trying to pick the sheep’s from the foxes!

The point I’m so unclearly making is interviews are condescending, charisma shattering and quite frankly an unfair representation of who you are?

We should start the revolution by going into interview interviewing the them, after all it is us who wants the job we should decide whether we want it or not, right? 


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  1. Reblogged this on Because Life Happens and commented:
    Interesting perspective on the job hunting process. How I wish we are the ones that that have the say in whether we want a job or not. And FYI if anyone starts this revolution, I am happy to be part of it.

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