Protruding my knowledge, a scene of deprivation
when necessity met greed, they both turned askew.
A young life given the slightest attention,
no longer a child, my relationship with you; I outgrew.

A seat sat reserved, alas there was no one to fill it,
come to my year six production, I thought would be the key
but forgone your last chance, you’ll have no receipt
I was only hoping your attention was directed at me.

Encountering those moment, where time stands still;
scrolling your phone to illuminate what lies and cheats
Your condescending embrace, to soften your ever harsher tone
This facade carelessly dumped upon strangers; the cycle repeats

Age and responsibility, only encouraged belittling care
my pubescent endeavors conflict, yet you never saw a thing
because you’ve done so well to be chastised by your bad will,
why should I be punished for my own upbringing?

I see my sibling who disregard any affection,
I see friends who won’t, don’t and can’t understand.
That there is no greater feeling,
than someone holding your hand.


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