Why bother?


I often feel as though I am drifting through life, asking question after question, studying why and how things do the things they do, and yet, I still don’t have the answers. After asking countless lecturers, with PHD’s, they cannot often agree on the degree of correctness that my questions has provoked. So, maybe it isn’t about finding answers and knowing everything there is to know about how and why linguistically, style can affect the word choice of a, [Lower middle class] speaker and change their idiolect almost immediately. Instead of asking: Why does that even matter? Should it matter?

You must understand by now that everything that we believe in is fabricated, conjured, manipulated and artificially decided by the beholder of a “new discovery”. When there was nothing but settlements in England haggling and bargaining for sustenance, cattle, tools and everything else you can think of; money was created to fix the fluctuation and uncertainty of trying to “buy” something. This ideology is huge in western society, not a day goes by when I don’t “buy” something from a supermarket (also synthetic). The physical representation of buying and selling items fuels the way we live now and however convenient it may be to go online and purchase clothes or food it is still not real, well it is, but its imaginary, well not really, but it is man made.

Knowledge is power, but don’t you see. We made knowledge. Numbers, time, language, music, technology, law, sports and medicine. Our entire life is filled with these ersatz topics, always evolving and each with their own rules and regulations regarding how to and how not to do specific things within each sub-topic. Don’t get me wrong we’re not trying to learn why medicine works and why time fits so perfectly, because it was already there, we just gave it a name. The reason for making synthetic things boils down to three areas: measure, entertain, control.

Measure: Like numbers we created time to measure how long it takes for the Earth to travel the sun, moon, etc. Time, for the most part, appears to be a convenience more than anything, a way of making sure that you can measure between when you leave and arrive and make it simpler than tracking shadows.

Entertain: Other than waiting to die, taking part in hobbies and entertaining ourselves and others around us seems the only way to make this fable more bearable and seems like a distraction from the purpose of our lives, if there is one.

Control: Rules and regulations are everywhere, religion, law, ethics. You name it. All to just control you and try prevent you from doing certain things. Whether or not it is right to say what someone can or can’t do or not to say what someone can and can’t do is up to you.

So at the end of the day, it is convenient that these distractions are in place, otherwise all we’d see is: murder, unwilling procreation and everyone lacking control, entertainment and no one being able to measure how bad that would really be compared to what we have now.


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