Review: Grand Theft Auto Online



After completing the decisively depict story-line the fan base, of the extremely popular open-world masterpiece, took to their masses online, competing in deathmatches, robbing gas stations like there was no tomorrow. Rockstar have really outdone themselves this time taking the endless madness to a hole new level as it made sales history and became the quickest selling entertainment product; raking in $1,800,000,000 in just three days – Impressive you say?

As soon as you immerse yourself within the online multiplayer you quickly feel as though the game has just popped a cap of adrenaline as you race against friend or foe, earning Benjamin’s and rocking up in black and white muscle cars, tearing around either the diverse intricate design of the ‘Rockwood Hills’ or screeching through the clean-cut city center. Most likely a favourite thing to do, it’s mine certainly, is blaring ‘The Strokes – New York City Cops’ and drive-by-ing a selection of doughnut scoffing coppers and seeing how many stars I can sow to my belt.

Other adventures include ‘Top fun’ in which ‘The Hunters’ chase down the other players like hawks (fighter jets) blasting projectile missiles and relentlessly shooting at those pesky ‘Runners’, whilst weaving in and out of buildings and swirling through vast mountainous terrain which lies just yonder of the ‘Los Santos’ hills. ‘The Runners’ are given a destination and a choice of four Sanchez-equivalent bikes to furiously evade the line-of-sight of ‘The Hunters’ circling in the air, meaning that darting from corner to corner of street corners is necessary to prevent the oppressors from destroying your transport – an unholy amount of fun if you ask me. There are three variants to this set-up, with each mission more testosterone-induced tension-filled fun and frolics as gamers alike back-stab, cooperate and neutralize extraneous variables to complete the task at hand.

The list of things to do online are almost endless, whether you just want to rob a gas-station, buy some new threads, hunt down other players with bounties, complete taxi missions, or compete in head-to-head deathmatches the options are yours laid on a plate for you to mould and manipulate into your-own cracker-shotting, gun-tooting homeland, with endless fast cars, ammunition and money to be earned, stolen or found.

Only five years have passed since the award-winning Grand Theft Auto IV was released and we can look back and appreciate the precision and attention to detail that ‘Rockstar’ have put into this game – Blood,sweat and tears – all of which are featured in-game. The success of the game has only increased the reputation of the game developers who spent so long tweaking and re-designing the game engine to make an almost perfect game. So stop reading, grab your pad and take to the skies with blimps, jets, crop-dusters and just about anything you can get your filthy hands on. Go on, go.


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