Writers Block: When Your Imaginary Friend Won’t Talk To You



Silence, for the most part, occupies the mind like a flat-line eating through a pack of crisps like it has never taken a bite. So, to stay topical I should divulge the intention of this article; other than to waste your time on reading narcissistic, egotistical tongue-twisting nothingness. I want to discuss being absent minded, even if it is only for a short while.

Writers Block: “an inability to begin or continue writing for reasons other than lack of basic skill or commitment” – Mike Rose

New material, which is universal in almost every way relies on the fear of becoming caged by the success and that anything new will never live up to the previous satisfaction. Some, in order to stay grounded, refer to it as having a ‘Moment of Genius’ as opposed to ‘Being a Genius’, a clever distinction between a definite influence. Other stimuli include: Depression, physical/mental illness, trauma and not being able to write due to a lack of inspiration. (Inspiration, in my eyes, being one of the main culprits). However, after two days of being unable to coherently string a sentence together, I found solace in writing about writers block; interesting not ironic, as it seems clearer to me than before, that more than anything confidence and subjectivity can push a piece along. Another is point of view. For example, often when comedians begin their career they point out into the world and say “hey, isn’t it funny when” and after a while they turn from their original external outlook and turn inward delving into themselves trying to explore their own quirks and idiosyncrasies exploring and discovering. A dangerous business, with not exclusively, comedians often enveloped with absurd, self-obsessed delusions driving themselves mad with the silence of thoughts.

Like so many obstacles, seemingly put in our way, writers block can be overcome; for some it takes days, for some it can take just a couple of hour and for some extreme cases even years. But whether you use coping techniques, frequent breaks or therapy to break through the block you can be comforted with the knowledge that anything with the ability to become tangled has the ability to reverse to the desired state. 

Writers block over.


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