University life – Part One (The Beginning)


Three weeks have past, one of the many lessons I’ve learnt is how easy it is how to distress a fire alarm, caused by water-vapor from taking a shower – frankly, the noise is indescribable. Additional lessons include: dividing pizza with scissors, learning the bin schedule and eating beans on a semi-regular basis (three to four times a week).

Freshers is fabulous.

For some, university is daunting, for some it’s as if nothing has changed, and living the next three years in potentially another part of the country is just as mundane as breathing. Either way everyone is susceptible to change and the consequences that the decision entails.

A typical day through a students eyes:

  • Sleep
  • Tv
  • Xbox
  • Lecture
  • Booze

(In that order)

The Financial Situation:

How ever discredited ‘Student Finance’ is, they’re still doing almost every student a massive solid. Every grant given, every penny spent on the institution of education is an investment into the future economic status of our homeland – A plus if you ask me. To be completely honest, I reckon, that nearly every penny of the grant that is given out is spent on: cigarettes, alcohol and toilet roll – Up to debate. It’s pretty safe to assume that an unholy amount of students will be in more than ten grand debt by day one of 2014; me included.

I think there is an unwritten law that, by nature is innate, and only academics can achieve this way of life, this way of thinking. It connects and unites students alike, me and you, you and me and gives us common ground. We stand proud as a ‘race’ and I’m spent.


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