Review: AM – Arctic Monkeys



AM, forged like the sword of ‘Gondor’ is presumably the most highly anticipated Arctic Monkeys album yet. Back in early 2006 when the citizens of Sheffield were ranting and raving about the up and coming giants to be; no one thought five albums later they would be rocking the Olympic stadium, headlining Glastonbury and be classed as one of the greatest British bands of the 21th Century.

From the raw, exuberance displayed from Sheffield finest in ‘Whatever you say I am, thats what I’m not’ to the mind-bending lyrics from the endlessly talented front-man Alex Turner; theres ‘ A Certain Romance’ to it. lest we forget stomping our feet to ‘Brianstorm’, as well as bellowing the intricate writings of ‘Secret Door’, the band have moved from strength to strength. 

The 12-track record jumped to number One in the UK, and stayed for Two weeks, adding to the long list of albums that have shown their face at the top of the hierarchy. ‘Do I Wanna Know’ has already been titled as this years festival anthem, and it is abundantly clear why. The album consists of face-melting tracks like ‘Arabella’ where the passion and emotion leading into the final heightened verse can only be compared to first-album wonders like ‘Fake Tales Of San Francisco’. Other bangers such as ‘Mad Sounds’ which infuses the same cheek and wavy, trebled tones; entrusting our ears with the potential to see the head-swaying masterpiece the way it should. – “ooh la la la”. It’s evident that there are hip/hop and old R&B influences which are heavily featured on ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When Your High?’ this bouncy beat, echoes off walls, whilst consoling your doubts about whether an album like this can stand the test of time; when the outro kicks in and grabs you like indiana’s whip you’ll shake your head from to left to right as if drifting into a trance of irreversible clarity. Following this ‘choon’ is the happy-pilled song entitled ‘Snap Out Of It’ which consists of a wonderfully upbeat backing track suitable for an early morning jog, with the cold air chilling your bones you will succumb to it’s elegent charm, you won’t want to ‘Snap Out Of It’. In true Arctic style they produce B-sides like ‘Stop The World Cause I Wanna Get Off With You’ containing strong featuring of head nodding bass lines, and lyrics that twist and oscillate through the mind of the listener, and a solo so tasty you’d need a steak knife to cut through it.

As always Arctic Monkeys provide us with another complete, musical representation of fire and clever wit which courses like heroin through the veins of each album giving them integral functionality and principle, because as we know they’ve never tried to be anything other than a couple of scallywags from Sheffield. With fans of the Arctic Monkeys spanning long and far the success of the band has never been understated except from lead singer during the first five seconds off the video ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dance floor’ where Alex proceeds to, and I quote “Don’t believe the hype”.


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