Those Crystalising Moments


Making choices and decisions are always hard. Given the choice between making decisions and evading making a decision, trust me, you will always choose the latter.

So on Tuesday, after finishing an excruciatingly long lecture, about the lack of how water tight ‘word classes’ are and how they are so difficult to differentiate between count and non-count common noun – I can’t even muster the energy to try and remember.

So it was raining, like really raining, to circulate to the eventual result I was wet as a dog. I thought to myself “I never know whether I am going up in the world or going down” maybe it’s a day-to-day scene where circumstance leads you to believe that you’re making bigger steps than the day before, or maybe it’s like the pin of a guitar-tuner which vigorously jumps from left to right between a perfect raw path leading you onto the next step. At that moment I stood and laughed to myself and realized that sometimes you can’t make choices, sometimes they’ve already been made for you and you’ve just got to wait and see what happens; when enough time passes, hopefully, it will pay off.


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